Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa granted, you have just arrived in Australia. And, you are determined to find a job quickly! If you plan to work in hospitality then you will need an RSA certificate 

 Indeed, you have to know that, in Australia, it is legally required to hold an RSA certificate to be allowed to serve alcohol.  


There is no other alternative possible, you must pass the RSA if you want to be hired in the hospitality industry in Australia (restaurants, bars, hotels and so on). All venues that serve alcohol must ensure that all their employees have a valid RSA certificate.


As always, we give you all the info, tips and links you need to easily obtain your RSA certificate and the best deals! 




The RSA course or Responsible Service of Alcohol is a course that teaches you how to prevent alcohol poisoning, drink driving as well as avoiding to serve alcohol to underage kids.  


Following this course, you will obtain a certificate (the RSA) that proves that you know all the requirements regarding alcohol and the regulation around it, in Australia. There is no other alternative possible, you must have it if you want to work in the hospitality industry and to start working as soon as possible when you arrive in Australia. 


All job offers in the hospitality industry will have this as a requirement. We recommend you to get it as soon as possible to be able to start working. 


The specificity about the RSA is that the legislation around it is different by State in Australia. Unfortunately, no RSA is valid all over Australia. Indeed, it varies by region. If you hold an RSA from NSW, it is only valid in NSW which means that if you decide to move to Melbourne, for example, in Victoria, you will have to get a new certificate! (We know, it’s unfair!)




You can either do an online course or attend an RSA course at a training centre:



If you choose to do the online course, it will take between 3h and 6h depending on your efficiency. You can do it directly on the website of the RSA. We also give you the links for each region in Australia: 

  • QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT, it is here !
  • Victoria (Melbourne), click here .
  • And for NSW, go here !



If you decide to attend an RSA course at a training centre, know that it will take approximately 6h and you will have to spend the day there. 


One of the big advantages is that if your English is not too good yet the trainers will help you and you will get your certificate directly at the end of the course! 

To look for an RSA training centre around you, depending on your city of arrival, go to the website of the government

You can find all the different training centres that have RSA courses, compare prices and choose based on the best location and the best price for you. 


TIPS FROM STUDYBIRDBe careful, whether you decide to do the online course or to go to a training centre, make sure that the company is certified by the government! Lots of companies exist and offer this course but are not certified by the government which means that your RSA would not be valid! Better be safe and find a training centre on the website of the government. ?




The price depends on the company that you choose. In NSW, the average price (at the time of the article) is about 120$. 

It’s up to you now, if you want to work in the hospitality industry in Australia. We seriously recommend that you obtain the RSA certificate before starting to look for a job in this industry. And, if you want tricks & tips on how to find a job quickly when you arrive, go here



The Studybird Team