As explained in our previous article “Which studies to choose from for your student visa?”, you can study short and flexible courses. These will allow you to obtain a student visa to stay and study in Australia! 


Intended for Internationals, short courses are the perfect solution to prolong your adventure after your Working Holiday Visa, to learn a job and to reorient yourself, with or without high school degree. It’s the perfect solution if you want to:




(Also known as Vocational Education and Training or VET)

You will be able to study the area that interests you with a focus on the operational aspect. The objective of these courses is to be able to be quickly employable. Unlike university studies, short courses are designed to train you for a specific job. You can therefore be operational as soon as you finish studies.


Note: not all schools in Australia are able to accommodate international students. They must be approved by the Australian Government. You may have found a course and a price that you like on Google, unfortunately often prices listed are for Australians and are usually much cheaper. We recommend that you contact us to find out which schools you can apply to and at what price.




There are 3 types of courses in Australia:

  • Certificate

On 4 levels, a Certificate can last from 3 months to 1 year. You will obtain the required skills to enter the labour market. It provides you with the fundamentals of the job you want to practice. Certificates are also useful for people who want to update their professional skills.

StudyBird Tips: For some Certificates, you don’t need to already have a degree! You can enter these programs without pre-approved skills and experience. 



  • Diploma

With a Diploma, you can obtain knowledge in various fields of expertise. It lasts up to 1 year and a half and is the perfect start to your professional career. 

StudyBird Tips: This one is the choice of our students who already have a degree (E.g. bachelor or Master) and want to get new skills or want to broaden their knowledge (E.g. a Diploma in Social Media Marketing for those with a degree in traditional Marketing). 


  • Advanced Diploma

The highest level of short courses. An Advanced Diploma is the equivalent to a BTS or DUT in France. Liked by employers for its practical aspects, it lasts from 1 to 2 years. 

StudyBird Tips: With an Advanced Diploma you can obtain University credits. This means that you won’t have to study topics that you have already validated during your bachelor’s degree. Your university studies will be cheaper! 




The length of each course depends of course on the topic that you choose as well as the school. The duration is fixed by the Government and can go from 3 to 24 months but on average last 1 year. 

StudyBird Tips: You can cumulate a Certificate and a Diploma in the same student visa application. Afterwards, you will even be able to request a student visa extension from the Australian Department of Home Affairs if you want to keep studying in Australia. 




Here is an overview of the subjects that you can choose from. You can explore all the short courses available to you in Australia  – HERE 

  • English courses
  • Graphic design, Interior design, Fashion design
  • Business, Leadership & Management, Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, Digital media
  • Finance, Accounting
  • Human Resources, Event Management, Project management
  • Hospitality Management, Cookery
  • Sports, Fitness, Yoga
  • Real Estate, Travel and Tourism
  • Environmental management and Sustainability
  • Dance, Art and music, Theatre, Screen & Media, Photography
  • Early Childhood and Care
  • Beauty & Hairdressing, Massage Therapy
  • Health and Counselling, Nutrition
  • Engineering minds, IT sciences, Applied Blockchain
  • Automotive & Aviation, Agriculture & Gardening
  • Construction, Building & other trades, Carpentry, Wall and Floor Tiling
  • And so much more! 




Everyone can access these courses regardless of their existing degrees and professional experience. However, it is important to prove to the Australian Department of Home Affairs that your project is coherent to get your student visa. Don’t worry! Our Student Advisors are here to help you build a strong case! 


Ask all your questions and request a consultation, our services are 100% free. Send us a few lines on your project and we will get back to you within 24 hours!