Learning English in Australia is very popular among students and adventurers aiming to experience a new way of life. Living in a major Australian city will give you the opportunity to practice and develop your language skills with people from all over the world. In addition, having a good level of English will make it easier for you to find a job in an international company, enrol in an Australian university, pass an official English exam or even extend your stay in Australia over several years.


On top of this cool and relaxed way of life, you can find a wide variety of English courses which will allow you to find a course that specifically meets your needs and your budget! With more than 100 partners in Australia, StudyBird helps you find an English course in the city of your choice according to your budget. Don’t forget, our services are free. 


Which visa to choose?


If you have never applied for an Australian visa in the past, you will then have the possibility to choose between 3 temporary visas, depending on which one suits you better: 


The Tourist Visa (evisitor Subclass 651)


It’s free and will give you the opportunity to be in Australia for a maximum of 3 months or 12 weeks. With this visa, you will be able to study for a maximum of 12 weeks without a limit of hours per week and also travel! Be careful, this visa does not allow you to work. If you would like to work while being in Australia, we advise you to opt for a Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa, depending on your background and your project. For more information on the Tourist Visa, find out here or contact us.


The Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417 or 462)


It costs around 495 AUD or 330 EUR, for a total period 12 months, renewable over 3 years under certain conditions. This type of visa allows you to study English for a maximum of 4 months or 16 weeks. You can space out your lessons in order to work and therefore pay your course in several instalments. Moreover, you will be able to travel anywhere in Australia and work without work restrictions (internship, seasonal job, demi au pair jobs…). More info on this visa here.


The Student Visa (Subclass 500)


It allows you to study and work at the same time. The Visa will be valid for the duration of your studies plus one or two months to work or travel after your studies. If you study less than 6 months, your visa will be valid for 7 months because the Government offers you an extra month at the end of your studies. If your courses are 6 months or more, you will have 2 additional months at the end of your studies. In order to obtain this visa, you will have to study for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks, up to 20 hours of lessons per week. There are 3 types of costs in order to launch your visa:

    • School fees for the first trimester (must also include material and registration fees, usually around 300 AUD or 200 EUR). The cost of the first trimester will depend on the city, the program and the quality of the school. 
    • Insurance fees which cover the full duration of your visa. For a period of 14 months, the cost of your insurance will be around 730 AUD or 490 EUR.
    • Visa fees: 630 AUD or 420 EUR if it is your first visa applied within Australia. 


Tip: it is more advantageous to apply for a Student Visa over a longer period, that is to say by including several courses (English courses plus another course as an example) because the visa fees are the same whether it is for 3 months or 3 years.


Which English course to choose?


There is a wide range of English schools and programs in Australia, enough to get lost! 

The most popular course in Australia is the General English course. It helps you to improve your oral comprehension skills and acquire general English to deal with daily situations (shopping, administrative, accommodation, employment, travel, etc.). You are considered to level up every 10 weeks. Most of our partner schools offer this course, which allows us to guide you as best as possible during your research and suggest to you the school and program that suits your needs. From 180AUD.


However, if your level of English is good but your accent prevents you from being understood, the Pronunciation and Fluency courses could be for you. This course allows you to improve your expression, your listening and grow your vocabulary. From 180AUD.


If you want to develop your language skills in professional life in order to get a job in an international company, we would suggest you look at Business English courses. Programs are developed and led by industry experts and are updated regularly to stay relevant and in line with the business world. From 180AUD.


Finally, there are many courses that allow you to train for an official English test such as the IELTS, recognized by universities and companies around the world. The IELTS preparation course prepares you to achieve the IELTS score you need. Note that the average progression is 0.5 to 1 point every 12 weeks. In addition, to obtain a visa in Australia (excluding Tourist and Working Holiday Visas), you will have to prove a minimum level in English. The Immigration recognizes two types of English test: IELTS and Academic PTE (Pearson Test of English) which test your level of English in writing, speaking, reading and listening. These courses prepare you to take and pass these tests to be eligible for the visa you are applying for. From 180AUD.


Finally, if you intend to continue your studies in Australia, the EAP (English for Academic Purpose) course will allow you to acquire the academic knowledge necessary to study in an Australian institution and pass your exams! From 180AUD.


Depending on your project, the Team of StudyBird will suggest you the best program! 


What budget and how to finance?


The cost of English lessons will depend on the city, the program and the school. English lessons will be cheaper in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne because you will find many more language schools there than in a small town. Our agency works with more than XX English schools in Australia, which allows us to negotiate competitive rates with our partners, and thus guarantee you the best value for money. We will always advise you on the best school according to your budget. On average, a week of General English courses in Sydney costs around 200 AUD or 130 EUR, rather reasonable if you compare this price to other language courses…


Whether you are on a WHV or Student Visa, you have the opportunity to work full-time in order to finance your studies. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Australian Government has relaxed working hours restrictions for people holding a Student visa Subclass 500 (previously limited to 20 hours weekly). We advise you to consult this site regularly or simply to follow us on social networks in order to know the latest updates from the Government about this topic!


It is relatively easy to find a job in Australia. Hospitality is a sector in high demand since the COVID-19 outbreak and good money, as you can earn on average 18 AUD to 30 AUD hourly. It includes work in restaurants as a waiter, bartender, barista or cook, washing dishes; but also in hotels, or in the sector of Tourism. It is also quite easy to find jobs as a nanny/babysitter or cleaner for example. In any case, you will easily find advertisements on the internet (Gumtree, Seek) or social media (Facebook). In addition, these small jobs will allow you to practise and improve your English.


Finally, Demi-au pair programs are also very popular in Australia and allow you to finance your studies. As a demi-pair, you will have to take English lessons in the morning and you will be fed, housed, and laundered in a family for free. In exchange, you will have to take care of the children for a certain amount of hours per week. In order to become a Half-Au Pair you will need to have experience with children, your Work With Children Check and your First Aid (Australian certificates that can be passed quickly.) You will also need to have a Police Check and pass a medical exam.

Contact us to receive more info on our Demi-au Pair programs.


If you have any other questions about English courses in Australia, feel free to contact us as soon as possible!