Are you interested in art, music or dance? Make use of being in Australia to finally study your passion!

  • Level required High School Certificate or Year 12
  • Duration Minimum 6 months
  • English level required IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

Who is if for?

If you are interested in theatre, production or other areas related to music; you like dancing and want to share your passion with others; or maybe you want to work as a photographer then one of these courses is for you!

Why choose this course

It’s an excellent way to reach your goal and to become a pro in the artistic field of your dreams.

Focused on the theory and practice of music, management and business of the music industry, teachers are all professional musicians. You will be able to record in a real studio with access to high quality technology.

In addition to dancing, you will learn about nutrition, anatomy and how to run a small business. You will then be able to work as a dance teacher in your own right!

You will get a strong theoretical basic knowledge and a wide range of specialised skills and techniques to plan, carry out and evaluate photo imaging services.

Theatre/ Screen Media

The stage is your “happy place”, you are interested in one of the two sides of the camera, and you need action. You will learn the principles and tools to make a career in this industry, in an exciting and dynamic environment.

Career opportunities

  • Live Performance
  • Dance Teacher
  • Song Writing and Composition
  • Music Production
  • Music Distribution
  • Actor Commercial, Advertising Photographer
  • Domestic Portrait photographer
  • Media, Fashion or Sports Photographer
  • Industrial, Architectural Photographer
  • Technical Photographer (museum, library, gallery, scientific, medical, forensic)
  • Wedding Photographer

You can choose from one of the following courses

  • music industry

  • photography & photo imaginging

  • dance teaching & management

  • dance

  • dance teaching

  • visual arts

  • theater & screen performmance

  • screen & film media

  • screen & media acting

  • screen & media photography & photo imaging

  • screen & media live production

  • Level required High School Certificate or Year 12
  • Duration Minimum 6 months
  • English level required IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


Our student advisors will meet with you in Sydney or contact you over the phone to discuss your needs and help create the best pathway for you in Australia.

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Whether you choose to pursue a passion, a passion project, or a career path, keep in mind that your choice of study needs to make sense to the Australian Immigration service too for your student visa to be granted. And for that, we will need to consider your professional experience as well as your past or current studies. Tell us more about yourself!

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