Forget the pay slips, the 5 rent you have to pay upfront and the guarantors over 5 generations! Finding accommodation in Australia is really easy (And even more so after you have read this article!).

Two things to know before you start looking for an accommodation:

  1. Sharing an apartment or a house is very common (Rent is so expensive in Australia) and,
  2. We always talk about weekly rent (No no it is not 350$ per month for a private room but per week, I thought that too!). 




Key website to find apartment-/ house-share and accommodation in Australia. The website is very user friendly, you will find a map that shows the prices per accommodation, plenty of choice! 


Pros: Website is user friendly and response time from people is really quick. The quality of the accommodations is usually good.

Cons: If you want to see all accommodations and be able to contact everyone, you will need the paid version (One goon less for you!).


2- Gumtree


That’s the local Craigslist! You can find everything and anything on there (From job to accommodation or even a PlayStation. But let’s stay focus on what you are looking for here!). That is one of the most used website in Australia. 


Pros: Lots of new stuff, tones of posts and most importantly, it’s free!   

Cons: Beware of scams! If they ask you to send a copy of your ID for an apartment offer with no photos of the place = RUN! 


3- Hostel World


You did not come to Australia to settle somewhere but more to meet people and be on the road? Hostels are for you! 

This website is the best! You will be able to find the backpack of your dream and probably do some of the best parties of your life (Or worst if you don’t properly read the reviews!). 


Pros: The app is really easy to use. A must for all good backpackers! 

Cons: They don’t show if a room is available so sometimes it is a real emotional rollercoaster! 


And because we like you, we give you the 5 best hostels in Sydney:

  • Mad Monkey: Flo’s favourite! 
  • Wake up: One of the biggest one! 
  • Bounce: Great location and great atmosphere!
  • YHA Haymarket: A backpack that is clean? Yes please!
  • X Base: The closest to the Scary Canary bar and its Beer Pong nights!


4-Facebook Groups


Yes we know, now that even your parents are on Facebook you have parked the app a little bit. 

In Australia, the Facebook groups for French People is a M-U-S-T.


Pros: Community! The French people will share their tips with you (Yes yes you are not dreaming, it is possible!) for accommodations in the Australian city that you have chosen. And that is ideal if you are struggling with the language of Shakespeare (Which should not be an excuse now that you know StudyBird!). 

Cons: You have to be really responsive (and lucky)! The good apartments are quickly taken over! 


5- Airbnb


We have talked about flat sharing, backpacks, hostels and it got blurry? Hop, have a look at the very famous Airbnb if you want to find your own little place. It is the same concept everywhere and at least you know what to expect. 


Pros: Website whose reputation is well established. Secure and perfect if you want a quiet place (great for couples).

Cons: More expensive than the other options. Good for short term (More complex for long term). 


6- Couch Surfing


The perfect combo between meeting new people and finding free accommodation in Australia! You will be able to sleep on a soft sofa and make new friends. Most people are used to host travellers (And travel themselves) which leads to really cool discussions. 


Pros: Really social and free. The app offers lots of events for travellers so you won’t be alone in your adventure!

Cons: Careful ladies! Some people get confused between Couch Surfing and Tinder, so be careful and make sure you read the comment section and recommendations (Don’t stay at someone’s place if their profile is empty!). Don’t be paranoid though, just be careful (Because we care about you ☺).


7- Volunteering Work


You want to work in exchange of accommodation in Australia? We give you 3 great websites: 

  • HelpX: To stay in a Farm
  • Woofing: To stay in a Farm
  • Workaway: There is a bit of everything on this one, from family hosting in exchange of IT support to people who want to build a school.

8- Au Pair


Babysit children and improve your English, perfect life no?

You can hit us up if you need help to find the best family


It’s up to you now to find the perfect place to live! 



The StudyBird team