Being a chef requires talent and skills to develop an excellent career. However, more than learning to hold a knife or fire up a stove, it is also about exposure to learning environments meant to teach and nurture.


Therefore, applying for a job in Australia is the perfect way to get exposed to the best environments in the hospitality industry. However, the country often requires aspiring chefs to take a skills assessment test first before applying for a skilled visa. But which steps should they take first ?
In this article, we will explain to you what are the different stages involved in this skills assessment test.





  1. File For Chef Skills Assessment

As part of the visa application process, the Australian government requires mobile chefs to apply for a skills assessment procedure. You can make this request through TRA. The application code corresponds to Chef-ANZSCO 351311, which precisely describes the duties and skills required to be a chef in Australia. If you wish to be assisted in preparing your application, do not hesitate to contact us, as we can guide you throughout the process with the help of our immigration specialist!



  1. Document Review

The documents required by the Australian government directly link to the experience chefs had before applying as a chef in the country. It can include records like work experience certificates, trade-related qualifications, and contact information from work references.

After submitting the required documents, an assessor will look into the provided files and check which skills and units match the current Chef Australian qualifications. Afterwards, the same assessor will book an online interview to ask questions related to the documents provided.



  1. Take Certification Classes

Applicants wanting to become chefs should achieve a Skill Level 2 under the ANZSCO classification, which means they must secure Certificates III and IV in commercial cookery. Meanwhile, they also need to be in a supervisory position for at least three years prior.



Why Is a Skills Assessment Important?


A skills assessment is essential to assess the applicant’s knowledge, skills and experience. It is used to determine if applicants have the skills and qualifications that match the position requirements or job they are applying for.

The skills assessment is mandatory so that employers and recruiters can know whether the candidate is suitable for the position. It also helps the applicant understand their strengths and weaknesses, which can help them focus on developing their skills in areas they need to improve.





Prevents Mismatching Work


In today’s competitive job market, employers are increasingly relying on skills assessments to identify the best candidate for the job. A skills assessment helps employers and recruiters avoid mismatching employees and the job they are applying for. It helps employers identify the right candidate for the correct position.

Skills assessments are also beneficial for job seekers. They can provide an opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities and demonstrate their expertise in a particular field. By taking a skills assessment, job seekers can prove their qualifications and stand out from other candidates.



Identifies Gaps


Skills assessments can also help employers and recruiters identify gaps in their workforce. By assessing the skills and abilities of current employees, employers can identify areas where they need to strengthen their workforce.

As a result, it helps employers to focus their recruitment efforts on finding suitable candidates with the right skills and abilities. Skills assessments also help employers to identify areas where they may need to provide additional training to their existing employees.



Improves Hiring Efficiency


By assessing the skills and abilities of job applicants, employers can make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring—reducing the time and effort spent on recruitment and selection. Employers can quickly narrow their candidates to those most suitable for the job.

Additionally, skills assessments can also help employers identify job applicants who may have the potential to grow and develop within the organisation. Reviews help employers identify employees they may want to invest in and form, which can lead to improved performance.






Enhances Employee Performance


Skills assessments can help employers identify job applicants who may have the potential to grow and develop within the organisation. Reviews help employers identify employees they may want to invest in and form, which can lead to improved performance.

Additionally, skills assessments can help employers develop training and development plans tailored to individual employees. These can help employees identify areas where they need to focus their efforts and help employers ensure employees get their needs for the roles.



Increases Retention Rates


Skills assessments can help employers identify employees who are a good fit for the organisation, leading to improved retention rates. Employees who feel they are in the right job and have the right skills to be successful are more likely to stay with the organisation. Additionally, skills assessments help employers identify the potential for growth and development, which can motivate employees to stay.



How Long Does the Australian Chef Skills Evaluation Last?


The Australian Chef Skills Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment that typically takes around three to four hours to complete. The review includes a range of written and practical tests that evaluate a chef’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The document stays valid for three years after being issued. Therefore, aspiring chefs can apply for an Australian Visa within three years after completing the skills assessment. However, the commercial cookery certificate has no expiration date.








Are you looking to become a chef in Australia? Becoming a chef in Australia is a great way to start a rewarding career in the culinary world. The country is known for its diverse culinary landscape and offers many exciting opportunities for aspiring chefs.

But like other countries, Australia also requires applicants to submit documents and take a skills assessment before being rewarded with an Australian Visa. Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps, you’ll be ready to start your career as a chef in Australia.


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