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Learn English whilst benefitting from an ideal environment thanks to Studybird’s language courses.

Between heavenly beaches, surfing and barbecues throughout the year, Australia remains the ideal destination to improve your level of English.

Whatever your level of English and your needs, we will find the appropriate formula.

These are our different language courses:

This course emphasizes on oral comprehension and speaking in order to gain practical English skills and cope with day to day situations. This includes vocabulary for shopping, administrative procedures, finding accommodation or employment and even more. When evolving to higher levels, you will learn to be part of discussions on more complex subjects.

This course is for students who need to develop their business communications skills. The programs are elaborated and managed by experienced businessmen and are continually updated to stay relevant and consistent with the real world.

This course prepares you for the IELTS level that you need. It will focus you on the English you need to pass the exam: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Don’t be embarrassed by your accent anymore when you’re speaking. This course will allow you to practice your oral skills. Help your brain to think in English, recognize sounds and their meanings. Improve your listening skills. Learn to reduce the influence of your mother tongue. Enhance your vocabulary.

The EAP course (English for Academic Purpose) is a specific course for students who intend on continuing their studies in Australia. You will acquire necessary academic knowledge to survive in an Australian institution.

To create your own personal made to measure language course (course, accommodation in a host family,..), contact us: info@studybird.com.au

Travel on a Working Holiday Visa


The Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)
is a temporary visa for youngsters who wish to visit Australia.

The Working Holiday Visa allows you to:

  • Live for up to 1 year in Australia
  • Work as much as you like, in an area but limited to 6 months per employer.
  • Take English courses for up to 4 months.
  • Enter and exit Australia as often as you wish during the validity year of your visa.
  • Reiterate your visa for a second year subject to certain requirements (Farm Work)